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Thought the Samsung Galaxy A50 and A01 was a great start? Wait! There’s more! The new Samsung Galaxy A51 is an awesome phone for everyone and bound to set you up!

If you’re a game enthusiast, the A51 is a great place to start. With a slightly larger screen, the quality of graphics on the phone immerses you into your 3D escape supported by a higher processing capability and greater storage capacity. The battery power has been maintained to provide you an uninterrupted and lasting phone experience.  In case you are wondering; Huawei, Motorola and OPPO also devised similar products in the Huawei Nova 5T, Motorola One Hyper and the OPPO Reno 2Z. However, the A51 compensates with an astounding visual experience coupled by a great price. (KELSEY Media Ltd, n.d).

Building off the Galaxy A50, the A51 contains a quad camera allowing you to attract more followers and increase likes through enhanced selfies and images for your social media accounts. Who would have thought gaming and creating your social identity online could be that simple? Available in black, blue and white, with style and for a great price, you can raise the stakes. Migrate from an A50 to an A51 today and begin your Samsung journey at a Fone Haus store near you.

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