Device Care & Warranty

Purchase Guarantee

As we strive to provide more quality products to our customers, you can be assured that all our smartphones, feature phones, accessories and other items, are all 100% authentic and procured only to qualified business partners as well as direct from the brands.

All our products are have gone through a quality check before we display or sell in our store. To top that we also offer warranty for smartphones & tablet,  giving you the assurance that you are buying only the best

Warranty Information

Different brands have different warranty coverage, but don’t worry we got you covered, below are some of our major brands with warranty information

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    Samsung Mobile

    Samsung Mobile have 1 year limited warranty

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    Mintt Mobile & Digicom covers a 1 year limited warranty

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    Oppo phones, cover 3 months limited warranty

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    Huawei covers a 3 months limited warranty

Device Out of Warranty Coverage ?

If you purchase a device elsewhere or your device is already out of warranty, we can still help you through our Fonefix

Device Care Tips

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