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On July 6, 2020, our mother company – NWTL Group of Companies hosted an event to raise awareness about Domestic Violence.

The event brought together our Managing Director, Mr. Jim Gui, management and staff from across the NWTL Group of Companies as well as invited guests including Ruth Kissam, Director Development at the Tribal Foundation; Evonne Kennedy, Executive Director Business Coalition for Women, Eddie Aila, Managing Director of Aila Consulting and Warrior Culture; Alpha Response, Ela Enterprises, Magi Lifu, and media.

In the opening, Managing Director, Mr. Jim Gui expressed his apologies to staff and management for not providing an earlier opportunity to openly discuss domestic violence. However, he announced the company does not tolerate domestic violence by staff and in their families. Mr Gui also stated through Human Resource, efforts to introduce a policy to protect staff and their families for a healthy and prosperous people and communities would be announced.

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Ms. Kissam, together with Ms. Kennedy and Mr. Aila shared statistics about the reality of family sexual violence and gender-based violence in the country. “Statistics show us that two out of three women have been affected by violence”, Ms. Kennedy stated in sharing her work in the subject.  

Mr. Aila mentioned that while the focus has been given to women affected by violence, “we overlook the perpetrators of violence. There is limited support for men who Warrior Culture works to help reprogram their subconscious beliefs and the way men think.”

 “Raising our daughters to clean after our sons at home creates an expectation that continues into adulthood which results in violence in our homes when such expectations are not met.  We are one of the countries with the highest level of laws yet our system is weak. Through our Senisim Pasin program, we are working with others in our community towards strengthening

the system so that precedence is set. Crimes can be addressed and victims can receive the closure they need.” Ms. Kissam mentioned in addressing the staff and guests at the NWTL event.

A spokesperson for NWTL, Mrs. Shulei ToGuata in closing announced the immediate actions the company is providing and will develop into a company policy to ensure the safety of staff and family. “At NWTL, we pledge, “not in our family.” We are happy to announce that this event will not just be a single event. We are implementing policy to ensure the safety of our staff and their families alongside our Force Security Services (FSS). This includes an NWTL Response team that will respond immediately to emergencies; our Halivim Lain, mobile numbers that staff and families can reach out to for help; a dedicated safe house for staff and family members affected by violence; immediate assistance from us to file a police report and termination of the staff who are found to be the perpetrator of abuse.

In closing, Mrs. ToGuata thanked generous sponsors through Mr. Barry Tan for providing the venue at Laguna Hotel in Port Moresby and Fuxion Printing for sponsoring two banners for the event.

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