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We are days away from Christmas and it gets busy with the last minute shopping, gift hunting for a family member or a secret friend. Queues can be terrible whilst shopping for the perfect gift. At Fone Haus, we are here to provide you with the best results for your communication needs, gadgets and more.

With 18 shops across Port Moresby, Lae, Mt Hagen, Kokopo, and a kiosk in Goroka, traffic into our shops during the festive season is chaotic! Hence, we have improved our online shopping experience to help lessen your shopping time with our Click and Collect shopping journey.

With access to the Website: or our newly created innovative mobile APP that was created: you can now have this installed in your phone or Laptop to browse through our easy to use menu.

We have over 20 Click and Collect purchases done in a week from different countries around the world shopping for their family in PNG and have guaranteed the best results and customer feedback to their shopping experience at #FoneHaus.

To make your online shopping process easier, we have steps for both your smartphone, and also the laptop edition “Guide” to help with your experience with these 7 simple steps.

Using your smartphone, Open a new Tab and enter: or using the Fone Haus Mobile APP installed, Click and Open APP.
Click and type the product you wish to purchase in the Search bar and click on the magnifying-glass icon and your request will drop down, Then you click on the product you wish to purchase.
Before you, “Add to Cart’ there is a “Color option’ under the Pricing. Click on the Drop down with Color options and select preferred Color.
ADD To Cart and Confirm Quantity if you wish to add another item of the same product. (Eg: 2 or 3) then Check OUT to go to the next option. If you wish to Continue shopping, then Click on the ”Continue Shopping Option and repeat Step 2.
Enter personal details in Section A. Under “Order Notes’ enter prefered shop you wish to collect, a drop down of shop options will appear and you select shop. If you are located in an area does not have a Fone Haus Shop, there will be a ship to a different addres checkbox and the option to Delivery by TNT or Pickup on TNT Branches – Freight Charges automatically apply depending on the weight of your full order.
Located right under the total amount of sale is the Payment Option 1: “Direct bank Transfer” Check Box which allows you to pay via Mobile banking, Bank Deposit, or Internet Banking. and Option 2: Debit or credit Card. Then you select and click on the ”Terms and Conditions” checkbox and place ORDER.
We will receive your order and acknowledge your email with verifying your payment to process. For all Debit/Credit payments, the payment is real time, for us to proceed with your order, we will NEED to verify you by 1. A shot of your govenment ID and 2: a shot of your VISA or Credit Card covering all card numbers except for the last 3 digits and we will then process your order and get the shops to invoice for you to collect at a Shop or for us to send to our delivery partner for dispatch to your address. Upon collecting at the shop, your invoice will be given. For Outstations, before the delivery is dispatched, we will send your Connote to confirm ETA of your package. 🙂

NO MORE QUEUES with this 7 EASY steps, we can have all your communication needs priorotized and stock availability reserved (In the event that there is very limited stocks) then you can collect at a #FoneHaus shop or delivered to you. Shop online with us by visiting or Installing our mobile APP for android users on PlayStore:

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