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Back in the days, communication was inflexible! Relaying a message to someone via telephone was almost impossible. Making a single phone call would take ages as you needed to manually dial the numbers to get a connected call. Then phone boots were introduced with long ques to insert a coin to make a call and when your coins ran out, the call would terminate! How dreadful! Not to mention everyone in the que listening to your conversation. Well time went on and in the 70’s the first mobile phone was produced. To present, we have seen how technology has took its place and from the receiver and dialing, came the wireless and hand free devices that we use today.

Today, we cannot imagine our lives without smartphones, they have replaced so many devices that does not seem to be a limit to this trend. When you leave your phone at home or forget to charge it, your whole world becomes less interesting! Today, smart phones not only have numerous features on their own, they also allow you to download and install multiple applications for any possible situation and purpose. You may not notice, but your smartphone can do more than you think or even imagine.  

Every day around the word, valuable information is shared by telephone. Technology is advancing too fast, smartphones are getting smarter every day. We are heading into another whole new dimension with smartphones today. Did you know that you can control your phone without even touching it? I bet you just tried that now? Yes you can with the wave of your hand without worrying about getting dirt on your screen while cleaning or cooking. This will help you use your phone in a whole new different way. You can have this installed for android or ios devices.

Every new edition of phones come not only with new features, upgraded versions or new the look? Each new version has an upgraded security unlocking method. From the most common unlocking methods, they range from the standard 4-digit numerical code to complex multi-character passwords. – Currently, there are a number of ways to lock and unlock our phones – Voice recognition, face scans, thumbprints, irises, passcodes, patterns, and more. So worry not for all your personal data being stolen or erased.

With today’s technology, you can now do basically everything with your smartphone. You can carry your office with you, your smartphone can be used as a laptop, browser, health checks can be conducted, video chats, game like never before by bring the game to real! Say for instance, if you are a “Do It Yourself” person and don’t have a tape measure when it comes to building, you can install an app that could get accurate instant measurements in seconds. You can also have first aid apps for any emergency if you do not have access to a hospital or outside of the coverage area. Also, if you are a book worm and love carrying your stacks of books around for reading, you can install an app to have all books in an all in one menu, you can now save space for other essentials while traveling.

We all need our smartphones to keep us entertained. They come in useful for our everyday living. Hence, installing all this “Do it yourself” applications on our devices must be paramount. Always make sure that your battery is in good battery percentage before heading out! Or have the battery app that gives a percentage of battery life when you are low. We all love our smart phones and each new edition annually would have an enhanced version of the one that you would currently have. Love your smartphone experience? Upgrade to a new one this year and experience the magic!

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