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1. ReplyASAP app

A frustrated dad was sick of his 13-year-old son ignoring his texts. So he developed an app that enables parents to lock their kid’s phone until they write back. The American father has created an app which basically forces your kids to reply to your messages.

The app, called ReplyASAP, gives parents the much-needed power to freeze their kids’ phones when they don’t respond to text messages.

The brilliant dad has worked out that by locking down all other functions on your kid’s phone, suddenly they are able to respond to your messages.

In case that isn’t enough, the app also lets you set off an alarm on the phone until they respond.
Before you ask — yes the alarm still works even if the phone is on silent mode. Now THAT would be embarrass any child into answering. ReplyASAP quickly became a hit when it was launched on the Google Play Store last year. Since then it’s been downloaded nearly 75,000 times.Although the app is currently only available on Android devices, an iOS version will be available soon.

2. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp does almost everything, and because it’s so popular, chances are your friends are on it too.

3. Spotify

For general music listening and discovery, Spotify makes it easy to find new music and connect with your friends by way of themed playlists for genres, moods, and weekly highlights of new tunes picked just for you.

4. LinkedIn

Most people are probably familiar with LinkedIn as a service only visited in times of desperation; after being laid off or after a day in the office so bad that you’re just not going to take it anymore. While that might still be true, the LinkedIn app aims to be a companion to LinkedIn web service that you check every day. Sure there’s the all-important profile pages showing off your work experience, and the handy tools for networking, but the service now includes visitor metrics and a newsfeed for a decidedly more social feel. It’s also sometimes the only way to chat with a businessperson you’re looking to connect with. It’s like Facebook for grown-ups.

5. Cookpad

Cookpad connects you with a vibrant array of recipes. Easily add favorite recipes, manage shopping lists, and find new recipes you’ll love based on those you already like. Once you start using it, you’ll have one less excuse to eat out.

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