View your world in more brilliance on the new moto g31. With a sharper, brighter, more vivid 6.4" Full HD+ OLED display, movies, videos, and games come to life like never before. It’s dazzling in more ways than one. Go capture sharp and bright photos in any light—from the biggest moments to the tiniest details—with a 50 MP triple camera system. Go longer on just a single charge with a 5000 mAh battery. Plus, get ultra-responsive performance, tons of storage, and a distinctive, water-repellent design to keep your phone safe from spills and splashes. Go brilliant. Go moto g31


100% Original

We are an exclusive distributor and retailer of Motorola for Papua New Guinea

Dual SIM

Our Motorola Phones are Dual SIM

Open Line

Our Motorola phones are all open line

Best Deals

Unbeatable price, plus exclusive freebies

1 Year Warranty

Have peace of mind when you purchase with us. All our Motorola phones are covered by Fone Haus 1 year warranty

  1. Promotion is open only for the purchase of a Moto g31 from a Fone Haus retail store between 9am June 22, 2023 and 8pm July 11, 2023 – the promotion date. Customers who’ve purchased a Moto g31 during the promotion period are eligible to get their money back as part of the promotion, if their team wins the third State of Origin game
  2. The promotion is not open to Fone Haus staff or any Fone Haus Dealers or Distribution customers who purchased a Moto g31 during the promotion
  3. If the result of the third game is a draw, it will be deemed that neither team has won the game. No reimbursements will be given to any customer if the game is drawn.
  4. All refunds will be given back to the customer in cash from the Fone Haus store they purchased the Moto g31 from. If the method of payment is in the form of cash or EFTPOS, they will be reimbursed with cash. If a purchase order was raised for the purchase of the phone or a company cheque has been deposited for the phone, then the money will be reimbursed to the company through a credit note. To have your money reimbursed, winners must show the phone to the staff who will confirm IMEI number. A copy of the receipt must also be shown to staff. All winning claims must be collected by 9pm on July 26th, 2023. Any claims not made before this date will not be paid out.
  5. Fone Haus holds the right to have photos of their winning customers displayed in all Fone Haus social media platforms as successful customers of the promotion.
  6. Any disputes arising from this promotion will be handled by the Fone Haus General Manager and customer only.
  7. Normal warranty conditions apply to any Moto g31 phone purchased during the promotion period. Also, our no return / no refund policy also applies to any phones purchased. Customers cannot return the phone during or after the promotion period if they did not win the promotion and ask for the item to be returned, refunded or swapped for any other phone or product.

Customers need to write their choice of team on their receipt, as well as their name and contact number. Only the person listed in the receipt can claim the prize. No team changes or alteration. Customer will show their ID upon the collection of the prize, no ID no refund. ID must match the name in the receipt, unmatched name and ID no refund. Customers can only claim their prize until July 31. Prizes unclaimed after July 31 will be forfeited Fone Haus holds the right to have photos of their winning customers displayed in all Fone Haus social media platforms as successful customers of the promotion.

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